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How can I use the AWeber API to automatically check whether an email address exists on a given user's list? The AWeber paradigm is baffling to me and their docs are poor. Essentially, what you get is the ability to put the AWeber login form on your site (just like this one: https://www.aweber.com/login.htm), so ANY AWeber user could use my site to log into their AWeber account and view their subscriber and list data. This is useless.

The API keys are moot: they simply establish that yes, I am a developer and yes, I have registered my app. The API keys have nothing to do with USER data.

This is not at all how MailChimp handles logins: each user can download their own API keys and use them to authenticate and then programmatically retrieve the subscriber data from their lists.

What I need to do is to create a "Members' Area" on my website, and in order for visitors to see the content in the members-only content, they must join my list. It's a simplified login form that would ask only for the email address (no password is necessary). But I cannot see how to do this with AWeber's convoluted oAuth restrictions. The only way I can currently check email addresses is by logging into my own form (the local copy of the https://www.aweber.com/login.htm form) and then checking the email address. That won't work programmatically. If I can't automatically access subscriber data, then what's the point of the API?

How can I automate authentication so my application can retrieve subscriber information from my user's lists without me having to log in?

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2 years have passed but not even a single answer or a comment on this. –  Syntax Error Jan 27 at 7:27

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