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I am trying to create a button, that whenever it is clicked (Onclick)

<button onClick="showUser(<?php echo $b?>)">Back</button>

it changes a value (number) so that the number can be retrieved by a function that will be able to display information. Example I am calling the buttons next and back- if the button next is clicked, I want it to keep increasing it's value everytime I click it so that when it's number increases, different information will be accessed depending from that number, example when I first click the button (it would be value 1) information will be visible then when I click again it will increase to (2) and I will be able to see other information, the problem is that whenever I try to increase the value, the value increases only once.

I am doing this so that I will have information displayed and everytime the user clicks these buttons next and back, information sequentially will be shown- taken from a database. I am using javascipt, php and sql.

Is what I am saying possible?

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100% possible. Can we help with some specific parts? – Surreal Dreams Apr 12 '12 at 16:06

You could use an object, in which you set the two variables that you need to update on click: var obj = { nextClicked : 0, prevClicked : 0 };

function buttonClick(type) {
    if(type == "prev") {
    if(type == "next") {
<button type="button" onclick="buttonClick('next')">Next</button>
<button type="button" onclick="buttonClick('prev')">Prev</button>

Since you are using ajax, the variables would not reset, unless you refresh the page

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You could use a php session to store the "page" number you're currently on and then increase or decrease based upon which button is clicked (you could use ajax or a simple form to send the event data).

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use a hidden field to hold the value, and an onclick function to increase it and submit the form.


 if(!isset($_GET['count'])) {
  $count = 0;
  } else {
  $count = $_GET['count'];


   <script type='text/javascript'>
   function submitForm(x) {
     if(x == 'prev') {
     } else {


   <form action='hidfield.php' method='get' name='form'>
   <input type='hidden' name='count' id='count' value='<?php echo $count; ?>'>

   <input type='submit' name='prev' value='prev' onclick="submitForm('prev')">
   <input type='submit' name='next' value='next' onclick="submitForm('next')">
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Add this to your webpage and refresh a few times.

echo $_SESSION['count']++;

Can be tested here:

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