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I'm new to Android. I'm trying to write a method that has an if statement in it.What I'm trying to get happen is "if the text in the Textview is equal to a certain value, change the background image in the layout." I know the setting background bit works, I've narrowed the problem to the If statement. in the below code showBook is a TextView, tvString is the string that holds the value of showBook. bgview is the layout id.

        String tvString = showBook.getText().toString(); 
    View mainbg = bgview.getRootView(); 

the problem is the line


it doesn't want to compare bookDisp with a string "John". It will however will work if I compare two textviews for example


so I think the problem is the .equals bit. what code would I use to compare bookDisp with "John"? it's not if(bookDisp = ("John")){ because Eclipse wants me to change bookDisp to a string. So what would be the proper code to compare a textview bookDisp to a string "John"?

Never mind folks! I figured it out, and the error wasn't in this method at all, but in another method. I had + cursor.getString(1) + " "; in that method, so the strings in the textviews were displaying as "John " and the "if" statement above was looking for "John".

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Use this:

if ("John".equals(bookDisp.getText().toString())) {
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Actually there is no reason to put the constant to the left here, as you won't be getting any null results from the functions. But still good practice. :) –  vhallac Apr 12 '12 at 17:25
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You probably want to use:

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Better to compare strings like below::


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You need to get the text from the TextView in order to see if it equals "John". do: bookDisp.getText().equals("John")

That should work. getText for TextViews returns an editable. Heres the class so you can work with it: Editable Class

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