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I want to display another attributes on vaadin calendar's event block. But by default it only display the Event caption, you can see demo from this link:

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You'll have to either extend com.vaadin.addon.calendar.event.BasicEventProvider or implement com.vaadin.addon.calendar.event.CalendarEventProvider.

If you choose to extend BasicEventProvider, you can just override its addEvent method like so:

public void addEvent(BasicEvent event) {
    event.setCaption("My custom caption");

If you want more control over your events and the event provider, I recommend you create your own event provider that implements CalendarEventProvider. If the event has to contain more data than just caption, description and duration, you probably should create your own event class by extending com.vaadin.addon.calendar.event.BasicEvent.

When you have a custom event provider, you'll have to call myCalendar.setEventProvider(myEventProvider);

There's also a good article about this in the Book of Vaadin.

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