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I'm sort of new to writing tests on Rails, and I'm following along with the RoR tutorial at I'm trying to add my own test utility method, sign_up, similar to the sign_in method already in utility.rb. When calling it against my sign up page, though, I get this error:

2) User pages index pagination as an admin user to unlock new users 
     Failure/Error: sign_up user
       cannot fill in, no text field, text area or password field with id, name, or label 'Name' found
     # (eval):2:in `fill_in'
     # ./spec/support/utilities.rb:33:in `sign_up'
     # ./spec/requests/user_pages_spec.rb:63:in `block (5 levels) in <top (required)>'

My sign_up method looks like this:

def sign_up(user)
  visit signup_path
  fill_in "Name",         with:
  fill_in "Email",        with:
  fill_in "Password",     with: user.password
  fill_in "Confirmation", with: user.password
  click_button "Sign up"

It seems to start to go wrong even just visiting the signup_path - I'm not even sure it's going there. Additionally, if I comment out the fill_in "Name" line, it will just choke on the fill_in "Email" line in the same way.

Any suggestions or ideas on what's going on here would be much appreciated.

Thanks, -Matt

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The light bulb finally went on.

When you create a user with the factory, it inserts it into the DB. SO, when you go to the signup page and try to use that user it already exists and you get redirected to the home page. This means none of the fields exist to be used with fill_in. Simplified spec:

require 'spec_helper'

describe "signup page" do
  subject { page }

  describe "with valid information" do
    before { sign_up('em', '', '123456') }
    it { should have_title_and_h1('em') }

utility method:

def sign_up(name, email, password)
  visit signup_path
  fill_in "Name",         with: name
  fill_in "Email",        with: email
  fill_in "Password",     with: password
  fill_in "Confirmation", with: password
  click_button "Create my account"

will create a user through the browser interface.

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Signup specs pass, yes. I completed chapter 9 of the tutorial, but this isn't actually part of the tutorial; I'm just using it as a base and adding the sign_up method for my own use. The page renders fine and all tests up to the end of Chapter 9 pass. Looking at the page source, the pertinent code which (I believe) should trigger the fill_in "Name" line is here: <div class="field"> <label for="user_name">Name</label><br /> <input id="user_name" name="user[name]" size="30" type="text" /> </div> – newton10471 Apr 12 '12 at 19:02
Changed the answer completely. – EricM Apr 13 '12 at 18:38
Eric, I've been following your various edits but only had a chance to respond today. I tried rails-pry as you had suggested, and tried binding.pry before and after the visit signup_path line , and when I looked at page.body, it showed the home page for the app instead of the expected signup page. This may be why it couldn't find the "Name" variable. I think you are right above as well; if I were able to get past the Name problem it would probably break in the way you describe. I confirm your test above works. Thanks for your help and feedback! – newton10471 Apr 14 '12 at 23:25
Matt, please accept the answer if it answered your question. I learned from working through the problem too. Thanks! – EricM Apr 15 '12 at 16:54
Hi Eric - sorry for the delay in accepting. I tried to do it yesterday but couldn't figure out how, but since figured it out. Thanks again for your help and persistence! – newton10471 Apr 16 '12 at 15:06

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