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I wanted to create multi source folders using MAVEN

project/src/main/java/persistence project/src/main/java/business project/src/main/java/presentation

Then target folder structure should be: target/classes/persistence project/src/main/java/business project/src/main/java/presentation

I searched this question in stackoverflow. But I couldn't figure out the solution.

I tried with 'build-helper-maven-plugin'. But No luck.

            </execution>            </executions>

Any help?

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Why would you like to have multiple sources? It sound like an misunderstanding of Maven concepts. –  khmarbaise Apr 18 '12 at 13:12

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Your approach is correct. Java files in the configured folders should be compiled by maven. But all these compilations are taken to the classes folder itself. So multi source folders are possible but multi output is not possible with the build-helper-maven-plugin.

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