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Currently I'm working on project where I need to access Google Calenadar data using API - everything works fine but I'm unable to get event start time/end time - most important informations.

I'm using Zend framework and Zend_Gdata library , unfortunately zend's documentation isn't detailed

How to get needed event data? Or maybe should I use another library?

Here is my function for getting event feed:

public function getEvents($future_only = TRUE,$force_refresh = FALSE) {

    if (($this->events != NULL) && $force_refresh == FALSE) {
        return $this->events;
    } else {
        if ($this->getService() != NULL) {
            $service = $this->getService();
            try {

                $query = $service->newEventQuery($this->url);
                if ($future_only) {
                } else {

                $event_feed = $service->getCalendarEventFeed($query);

                $this->events = $event_feed;

                return $event_feed;
            } catch (Exception $exc) {
                return NULL;
        } else {
            return NULL;

And sample test code where I'm trying to obtain event informations:

       $gcalendar = new  Common_Model_GoogleCalendar();

             $events = $gcalendar->getEvents();


            foreach ($events as $evt) {
                echo $evt->title.'<br />';
                echo $evt->id.'<br />';
                echo $evt->published.'<br />';
                Zend_Debug::dump($evt->getWhen());       //returns empty array

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Not sure if you have sorted this by now, but in addition to @Ashley's contribution, this is how to get getWhen() to work:

$when = $evt->getWhen();
echo $when[0]->getStartTime();
echo $when[0]->getEndTime();
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Your variable $events will be an instance of Zend_Gdata_Calendar_EventEntry, which inherits Zend_Gdata_Kind_EventEntry which has the function getWhen.


$when = $evt->getWhen();


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Unfortunately it's what I'm doing now and seems that it doesn't work - see my sample testcode. –  stawek Apr 16 '12 at 10:48

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