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Ok first of all, I have no idea why I deleted the file. It was just absolutely stupid on my part. I updated my system vim from source to vim73, which is now working fine. The problem is I can't use the standard vi editor b/c I deleted the vim file in /usr/bin (vi symbolically links to vim). While I really don't have any need to use vi (I have vim running fine), there are about 4 files linked to it in /usr/bin and I want to add it back. I've reinstalled the source but it doesn't create a file in that bin directory. Can someone help?

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nvm I figured it out. I just copied to /usr/bin the vim file in the src folder from vim73. Everything seems to be fine now. – Craig Pottinger Apr 12 '12 at 17:21

Your best bet might be to uninstall the package first, then reinstall. What might be happening is it doesn't create the link you need because it thinks it is already there. By uninstalling you tell it that it isn't there and when you reinstall it will create it for you. If that doesn't work you may have to create the link yourself. ln -s source destination

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