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We're seeing some strange behavior with Facebook Send dialogs (Javascript SDK, FB.ui method). After the Send button is clicked, the dialog disappears, then reappears. The dialog does disappear after a while without any user action, but this delay varies (anywhere from a split second to several seconds).

The messages are delivered without problems.

How to reproduce:


  1. Click on "Send Message" under the "Tell a friend" title
  2. Add a recipient and message
  3. Click "Send"


  1. Click on "Make your own video"
  2. Choose a friend, how much they owe you, and for what
  3. Click "Make video"
  4. You can skip to the end of the video, then click "Send video to ..."
  5. Add a message Click "Send"

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Sorry I can't give you the answer, but as I have the same problem, here is a quick patch:

       var callback = function callback(response) {
          var clear_callback = function(){
          var arr = [250,1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,7000];
          for (var i in arr)

        FB.ui(obj, callback);
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