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I am trying to alert a number with a hyphen in it, however it keeps calculating the number instead...

    echo '<input type="submit" name="remove" value="remove" onclick="removeEntry(' .
          $row['Incident'] . ',' . $row['Fogbugz Number'] . ')" />';

This has been tested and returns the correct values to the form (checked the source for the page)

"onClick="removeEntry(123456-001111, 123456)"

Here is what happens when I try the javascript:

    function removeEntry(incident, fogbugz){

this causes an alert box with 122345. However I want it to return "123456-001111"

I have tried:





incident = incident.value

I cannot figure this one out :(

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Show your rendered HTML, not your PHP: JavaScript is client-side. –  David Thomas Apr 12 '12 at 17:38

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Try passing the argument as a string in the first place; something like:


The way you have it now, the numbers are subtracted from each-other as the page code loads.

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Look at what you are doing:

onClick="removeEntry(123456-001111, 123456)

You are subtracting two numbers, not displaying a string. It needs quotes!

onClick="removeEntry('123456-001111', 123456)
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