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I have written a Java code, which shows a line chart on a JPanel on clicking a button. What I want is to show that line chart in my PDF file, using the Java PDF library, itextpdf. The problem is that there is no image of pie chart created in a folder. I can easily paste an existing image, e.g. a pie chart, in a PDF file. So in this scenario (when I don't have any image file of a pie chart), give me an idea how to show this chart in a PDF.

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Not knowing which PDF library you're using it's hard to answer exactly, but you can make a JPanel render its contents into an image. Then you might be able to use the resulting BufferedImage directly in your PDF library, or you can write its contents into a temporary file using ImageIO.write(). –  millimoose Apr 12 '12 at 17:52

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There are lots of commercial and Open Source PDF viewers for Java. What is wrong with them?

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