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I have two application (java) on two PCs and a mobile application (Android) the mobile application can be on an iPhone ...

My problem is the interaction between different applications with the database: - Between PC and PC (two application java-swing) - PC and mobile


app1 <---------> MySQL <--------------->app2 --------->(XML-RPC ou SOAP ou REST) -------->app3

how to use a web service in eclipse ? -I thought about using SOAP or XML-RPC or REST but I do not know where to start I use (eclipse-java-indigo-SR1) as editor. -between two PCs I use MySQL as a server. Can you explain what exactly I must do, I need realement realize it.

XML-RPC how to use this library and I do not understand how it works and exactly where i use it.

  XMLRPCClient client = new XMLRPCClient("http://foo.bar.com");
// add 2 to 4
int sum = (Integer) client.call("add", 2, 4);
// check whether x is inside range 4..10
boolean isInside = (Boolean) client.call("isInside", x, 4, 10);
// capitalize string
String capitalized = (String) client.call("capitalize", "to be or not to be");

XML-RPC or SOAP or REST ?which the simplest and most effective?

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Your question does not have an answer :) Just pick one that you 'like' and go from there. –  KevinDTimm Apr 12 '12 at 18:43
thank you my question is very difficult :) –  M Bta Apr 12 '12 at 18:47

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