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when you mousedown the outlined word, a little context menu drops. drag over the choice you want then release. in the current config, it acts as if user made no choice. if i change the droppable from #del to #target, then it works but obviously you can't choose tht way.

$(function() {
    $('#word').mousedown(function(ev, ui) {
    $('#word').mouseup(function(ev, ui) {
        axis: 'y',
        containment: 'parent',
        revert: true, revertDuration: 100,
        stop: function() {
        activeClass: 'over',
        drop: function() {
            var vote = alert("Delete action goes here");

take a look at the fiddle:

What am i missing?

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figured it out...

Put simply, the draggable stop parameter impedes droppable drop. It works after removing the stop definition and putting those actions in the in the drop definition.

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