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Often I find myself inverting quotes:
from double quotes "" to single quotes '' and
from single quotes '' to double quotes "".

I know there is a way to switch single quotes to double quotes:

And a way to switch double quotes to single quotes:

but how do I do both operations together without including the first swapped quotes in the 2nd swapping?

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If there is no escaped quotes inside string literals and it is not needed to ensure correct pairing of quotes, one can use the command

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`@ib, what do you mean with escaped quotes? Your regex works also on your own regex (with escaped quotes?) - btw tnx :) –  Remonn Apr 13 '12 at 8:38
@Remonn: I mean quote escaping syntax in the text you operate on. If you run these substitutions on, say, Vim-script string literals, then "one\"two" would be changed to 'one\'two' which does not represent the same string as the original literal. –  ib. Apr 13 '12 at 9:20

Use \=:

:%s/'\([^']*\)'/\='"'.tr(submatch(1), '"', "'").'"'/g

. This assumes that both characters only serve as quotes, but your initial code also does the same, except that my does not check for them being paired.

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Typically, when you want to swap A & B like this, you need an intermediate step where you replace A with something entirely different and very likely to be unique within the document, whether an unusual character or something longer and crazier like |x-monkeyz-x|.

You can then convert all the Bs to As, and finally all the |x-monkeyz-x| to Bs.

For example,

  1. Replace all ' with !X!
  2. Replace all " with '
  3. Replace all !X! with "


This is better: Easiest way to swap occurrences of two strings in Vim?

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I usually use an intermediate string like my name that's unlikely to appear in the text:

  • Change single quote to UNLIKELY_STRING
  • Change double quote to single quote
  • Change UNLIKELY_STRING to double quote
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