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I trying to write a php page that will take url values and insert them into an xml file. Any sample files would be of great help.

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What do you mean "url values" - urls? the contents at that url? – Greg Jun 18 '09 at 14:43

You could do something like the following:


// get parameters
$parameters = explode ( "&", $_SERVER ['QUERY_STRING'] );

// create new dom document
$doc = new DOMDocument();

// create new root node
$root = $doc->appendChild ( $doc->createELement ( "querystring", "" ));

// iterate all parameters
foreach ( $parameters as $parameter ) {
	// get keypair from parameter
	$keypair = explode ( "=", $parameter );
	// check if we have a key and a value
	if ( count ( $keypair ) == 2 ) {	
		// add new node to xml data
		$root->appendChild ( $doc->createElement( $keypair[0],$keypair[1] ) );

// save XML to variable
$xml = $doc->saveXML();

// echo or output to file...
echo $xml;


It will take the parameters (key/value pairs) of an URL and adds it to a new XML document. After the saveXML you can do whatever you want with the XML data.

Hope that helps.


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