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If I wanted user urls to look like


instead of


foobar would be the nickname of a user from the nickname column in the user model. How would I prevent users from registering top level routes? Like contact, about, logout, etc?

I can have a table of reserved names. So when a user registers a nickname, it would check against this table. But is there a more convenient approach?

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if(Rails.application.routes.recognize_path('nickname') rescue nil)
  # forbid using desired nickname
  # nickname can be used -- no collisions with existing paths


If any path seems to be recognized by the recognize_path then you've got something like:

get ':nick' => 'user#show'

at the end of your routes.rb which leads to the situation where any path will be routable. To fix this you have to use constraints. I'll show you an example:

# in routes.rb
class NickMustExistConstraint
    def self.matches?(req)
        req.original_url =~ %r[//.*?/(.*)] # finds jdoe in http://site.com/jdoe. You have to look at this regexp, but you got the idea.
        User.find_by_nick $1
get ':nick' => 'users#show', constraints: NickMustExistConstraint

This way we put some dynamic into our routing system and if we've got a user with nick jdoe then route /jdoe will be recognized. If we haven't got a user with nick rroe than /rroe path will be unroutable.

BUT if I were you I would simply do two things:

# in User.rb
def to_param
# in routing.rb
resources :users, path: 'u'

And it'll give me the ability to get paths like a /u/jdoe (which is quite simple and totally comply with REST).

In this case make sure you are searching your users via User.find_by_nick! params[:id] (yeah, it's still params[:id] although contains a title, unfortunately).

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forbid occurs every time... –  Christian Fazzini Apr 13 '12 at 22:59
check my UPD in the answer. –  jdoe Apr 14 '12 at 7:42

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