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Currently, the only way to view an image in Fancybox in full size is calling the buttons helper, but this also brings the rest of the buttons (Play, Next, Prev, etc). I would like to add a single button to a corner of the Fancybox container that will toggle full/auto size; preferrably adding changes to the regular js and css files, to avoid additional requests. Any ideas?

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Don't waste your time for changing javascript, you can show only close and fullsize button with this css trick.

#fancybox-buttons a.btnPrev, #fancybox-buttons a.btnNext, #fancybox-buttons a.btnPlay {

#fancybox-buttons ul {
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Hiding the others with CSS, good idea! Thanks. –  JE Rivas Apr 14 '12 at 14:07

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