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I added the free google translator to my site. I use jquery to add a fixed width to an element based on width of the header text.

if google translator is used. The page is not reloaded. So the width stays the original width.

Solution: I need to listen for the google translator and if its used then this jquery function is triggered.

Thanks in advance.

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Because jQuery and JavaScript are closely related (jQuery being the write less, do more version of JavaScript), you can assign an event listener using JavaScript and write what happens if the event is triggered in jQuery. I would personally assign the translator an id, get that element by it's id, and assign an event listener to it. Some more information on event listeners.

If you are only assigning one listener per element (and their <div> that they are located in does not have an event listener), then you can use this type of event listener:

var saveButton = document.getElementById('savebuttonId');

Or if you only need to use the function once, say to tell someone their progress was saved, and that's the only reason you need a function like that, you can do this:

var saveButton = document.getElementById('savebuttonId');
saveButton.addEventListener('click' function() {
  alert('Progress saved!');
}, true);

If the button is located in a <div> element that also has an event listener, you can specify the order it goes in. Just replace, }, true); with }, ORDER, true); If you do not do this, the functions could go in any order that they want, which usually varies on the browser the person is using.

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yes, but there are so many elements..which one is the best? – GermanMan Apr 16 '12 at 19:28
I edited my post to explain the different kinds of listeners. Check them out! – Anthony S. Apr 18 '12 at 20:08

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