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I have a jQuery UI tab inside a jQuery UI Modal popup. The tab is data driven with an ajax call to a service. Ther are 4 tabs but sometimes there is no data for the firs tab depending on user selection. If there is no data for the first tab I hide the first tab and select the second tab (alsways data for second tab). If there is data for the first tab I show it and select it. The hiding and showing works just fine. The selection works to a point. The popup containing the tab is fired by selection of data from a table that contains search results - the popup displays deatil information of the selection. If the users select first a tab that has data for the first tab - all is well. If the user then select data from the table tha that does not all is still well (first tab hidden - second tab selected). If the user then selecst some other data that contains data for the first tab - the first tab is shown and selected but - now the second tab is also still highlighted. The jQuery to select the first tab is like this: $("#tabs").tabs('select', 0); and for the second tab this: $("#tabs").tabs('select', 1);

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Can you create a fiddle or something to more clearly illustrate the problem? –  Colin Apr 12 '12 at 19:53
Never used fiddle before - about to leave for the evening and will see if I can figure it out tonight and post more code. My whole issues center around the selection of a different tab and a previously selected tab still being highlighted. –  Jim Evans Apr 12 '12 at 19:54
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Is the question "how to remove the focus of the tab?" or "how do i change focus of tabs?". Have a look at remove orange tab border on focus to completely remove tabs focusing.

To change the focus you might want to use the activate event to also change focus to the tab that you activated.

    activate: function(event, ui) {
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