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I get TSimpleCodec.Begin_EncryptMemory - Wrong mode exception wile executing the following code. Is it something wrong?

FLibrary := TCryptographicLibrary.Create(Self);
FCodec := TCodec.Create(Self);
FCodec.CryptoLibrary := FLibrary;
FCodec.BlockCipherId := 'native.AES-256';
FCodec.ChainModeId := 'native.ECB';
FCodec.Password := 'password';
plain := 'The plain text';
FCodec.EncryptString(plain, astr);
FCodec.DecryptString(dec, astr);
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When initialising the codec by run-time code, you need to set the StreamCipherId. Insert the following line just before setting the BlockCipherId.

 FCodec.StreamCipherId := BlockCipher_ProgId;

You don't need to do this if you are setting up the codec with design-time values. It's much easier to do at design-time. Just set the published properties as required.

The demo program for Delphi 2010, gives an example in methods TmfmLockbox3_Demo.FormCreate() and TmfmLockbox3_Demo.actCustomBlockEncryptExecute() .

Also read the on-line help about it.

As a general hint, if you just look at the demo program and/or read the on-line help, you will rarely need to come to StackOverflow. If there are any short-comings in the documentation, please post some constructive actionable suggestions on the LockBox forums to improve the documentation (demos + on-line help).

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I noticed that the 'wrong mode' also appears if you forget to specify the password. Just comment out "FCodec.Password :=" in the above example. I suggest a specific error message. – Jan Doggen Jun 7 '12 at 13:32
Good point. I will look at that. – Sean B. Durkin Jun 8 '12 at 0:22

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