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I'm trying to use VB.NET to process a very large plain text file (2 GB). It is a database and has a field delimiter of SOH and a record delimiter of STX.

I want to separate the fields and records of the file.

I would normally read each line of a text file and then use the split function to separate out the fields. I can't use this approach as there isn't always a delimiter on every line.

Is there any way to read a file until STX is found (rather than one line at a time)?

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There is no "Read until string 'foo'" in .NET, you need to open a FileStream and read chunks with FileStream.Read into a temporary buffer and scan that buffer for your tokens.

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I'd look into the TextFieldParser class to see if it's up to the task:


If it's not, I'd then try the free FileHelpers library:


If neither of those can do the job, then you're down to good ol' fashioned filestream reading with buffers, as Albin mentions.

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