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I am using the 2.21 C# version of Webdriver via NuGet. According to the release notes it should be working with Firefox 11. (

The code that was working with Webdriver 2.20 and Firefox 10, now breaks with Webdriver 2.21 and Firefox 11.

What is the fix for this?

The short error is: Test 'RMIS_WebFrameworkTestsWebDriver.FrameworkTest_MyClass.MyTest' failed: OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException : Failed to start up socket within 45000

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2.20 was working Firefox 11 but Native Events weren't. Try 2.20 with Firefox 11 and see if it works. – AutomatedTester Apr 12 '12 at 20:23
Version 2.21 seems to be working when I downgrade to Firefox 10. But NOT with Firefox 11. Does anyone know if there are plans for the C# WebDriver to support Firefox 11? – Pete Lunenfeld Apr 19 '12 at 17:15
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I finally solved my own (and rather dumb) problem. In short, I was using NuGet to update the WebDriver code in my testing project. What I didn't notice is that I had a previous version of the WebDriver DLL referenced separately (prior to using NuGet). I did not notice that although NuGet installed WebDriver 'successfully' my code was still referencing the old dll.

I thought the new WebDriver code was not working with Firefox 11, but it was really my code was using an old version of WebDriver.

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Probably is a better place to ask the Selenium developers directly. Personally I have also seen that FF11 has issues withe latest version of Selenium.

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