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I'm putting a concatenated string into the Tag property of a component this way:

Tag = String.Format("{0};{1};{2}", AThis, AThat, ATheOtherThing);

Now how do I get it out, as Tag is an object? Trying to do this:

String[] someStuff = Tag.Split(';'); 

I get, "'object' does not contain a definition for 'Split' and no extension method 'Split' accepting a first argument of type 'object' could be found

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The type of Tag is object but the Split method is on String. You need to cast Tag back to String in order to call Split

string[] someStuff = ((string)Tag).Split(';');
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As object can be cast to and from any other data type, you can skip the string.Format() completely, and assign a string[]

Tag = new string[] { AThis, AThat, ATheOtherThing };


string[] someStuff = (string[])Tag;

or use object[] if AThis, AThat, ATheOtherThing are different data types.

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Unless you have some driving need for it as a string another way would be a struct that held your three values, then just set tag to it, and to get it back cast it. No more formating and splitting then. More importantly if you add a fourth item, refactor the struct, job done.

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A safe way to convert the Tag back to string is to use the as keyword. If the Tag contains something else than a string it does not throw an exception but returns null

string s = Tag as string;
string[] someStuff = null;
if (s != null) {
    someStuff = s.Split(';');
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