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I'm making an app for my school project which is basically a wattage calculator for home appliances. I have about 50 75X75 icons of the appliances in my ViewFlipper. Is there a way to create a search interface to call these images rather than flipping through all images to find it? I went through couple of web sites and learnt that in order to use a search interface I need to store my images in a database. How it really works? Is there another way to do it? Or is it really possible to do it?

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Anybody? I still couldn't figure it out – fozkul Apr 18 '12 at 0:45

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I don't know what do you understand by a search interface. One option is to use a Gallery instead of your current ViewFlipper(Here is a real simple tutorial that you could use in your app). The Gallery widget will let the user to move quickly to the desired image by simple scrolling the Gallery(another advantage is that the user sees the images as it scrolls).

Also, instead of the ViewFlipper you could use a Spinner + one ImageView. The Spinner(Here is a tutorial) will let the user pick a name of an appliance and when this happens you will find the position of the user choice(from the Spinner and map that to a HashMap(that has as keys the position in the Spinner and as values the ids of the images)) and update the ImageView with the correct appliance image.

There are other ways but those are more complex to implement.

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