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Now I tried to group jtable header and for that I want to get the DefaultTableModel of current Jtable. but When i tried to retrieve the table model like...

DefaultTableModel dm=(DefaultTableModel) tblTet.getModel();

it shows an exception like ...

org.jdesktop.swingbinding.JTableBinding$BindingTableModel cannot be cast to javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel

Because I am Using JTableBeansBinding.

Any who knows to solve this problem(for retrieving DefaultTableModel), and it will be greatful if u can. and still i am trying.

thanks in advance.

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According to the JavaDoc for BindingTableModel, the class doesn't extend DefaultTableModel. Rather, it implements TableModel interface. This means that you cannot cast to DefaultTableModel, only to TableModel:

TableModel dm=(TableModel) tblTet.getModel();
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you have to create your table like this :

    String[] columnNames = {"Row",
            "From Date",
            "From Time",
            "To Date",
            "To Time",
    Object[][] data = {};//Table Rows

   table.setModel(new DefaultTableModel(data,columnNames));

instead of:

   table=new JTable(data,columnNames);

then you can cast your table model to defaultTableModel.

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normally, yes. But the OP is using (Better)BeansBinding and has no control about the type of the internally assigned TableModel – kleopatra Feb 8 '13 at 8:28

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