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I have been looking online for a simple way to call a web service through silverlight application and cant decide how to do it. What would be the simplest way to connect to this website: http://wsf.cdyne.com/WeatherWS/Weather.asmx and return an xml with the specified zip code (I have this done using AJAX already i just want to try and get it working using silverlight as an alternative). Any help is very much appreciated!


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Hm.. It is so easy. In your Silverligt project click on "Reference" select "Add Service Reference.." and add wsdl of weather service (http://wsf.cdyne.com/WeatherWS/Weather.asmx?WSDL). The Visual Studio 11 Beta generates WCF proxy with basicHttpBinding. And use it as any service.

UODATE: Add next reference

using SilverlightApplication1.ServiceReference1;

And implementation.

        public MainPage()

            var weather = new WeatherSoapClient();
                += new EventHandler<GetWeatherInformationCompletedEventArgs>(OnGetWeatherInformationCompleted);

        private void OnGetWeatherInformationCompleted(object sender, GetWeatherInformationCompletedEventArgs e)
            // Get data from e.Result

To my mind you should read something about web services and WCF.

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I have done that but im not sure how to make the calls and how to return the info. – Kevin Apr 12 '12 at 21:35
Am i putting the C# code on the server side? and how do i pass the parameter? Thanks a ton! – Kevin Apr 12 '12 at 22:11
If it is your server you can. You can pass ZIP code not more for current implementation of service. – RredCat Apr 13 '12 at 6:02

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