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I have been using Fancybox 1.3.4, and right there I have the dimensions of the iframe in the link itself.

Here is an example of how I have it


When I click on the link fancybox will open the iframe with those dimensions. I am trying Fancybox V2, but I'm confused on how to set the dimensions for the iframes. I want every iframe to have different dimensions. How would I do it?

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Set your html (with HTML5 DOCTYPE) like this:

<a class="fancybox fancybox.iframe" data-width="675" data-height="470" href="test.html" >test</a>
<a class="fancybox fancybox.iframe" data-width="400" data-height="200" href="test2.html" >test 2</a>

(set width and height on the data- attributes for each element)

then this script:

  fitToView: false,
  afterLoad: function(){
   this.width = $(this.element).data("width");
   this.height = $(this.element).data("height");
 }); // fancybox

should do the trick in fancybox v2.x

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-@JFK interesting. This works in Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari and IE7. I'm having a problem, however, with IE 8 & 9 adding height (bottom about 10-20px) to the div containing the link. –  Chris22 Aug 31 '12 at 19:49
@Chris22 got any link? does it happen the same in this demo picssel.com/playground/jquery/…? –  JFK Aug 31 '12 at 20:24

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