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In my app I use a custom cell that has a set of labels, I see xcode showing warning concerning font size in custom cell xib file :

warning message file://localhost/Users/mahmoudalgayed/Desktop/Ajurry-date/CustomCell.xib: warning: Unsupported Configuration: Min Font Size greater than current font size

Any one knows how to get rid of this warning ? Thanks in advance

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You have to set the minimum font size so that it's not bigger than the current size. Have you set the minimum size?

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i unchecked Autoshrink option in label's attribute inspector, and it works.thanks! –  mbg1987 Apr 12 '12 at 22:50
glad to help :) –  chikuba Apr 12 '12 at 23:15

The error is specific to the issue at hand. If you have autoshrink enabled, it sometimes defaults the minimum font size to a size larger than what your font may be sized to currently. Perhaps you adjusted a font to a smaller size and as a result the minimum font size is now larger than the actual font.

To correct the behavior, under the section labeled "Autoshrink" adjust the minimum font size to be less than your current font size.

Alternatively, if you do not care about auto-shrinking your text to fit the label size, you can set "Autoshrink" to "Fixed Font Size" and that will also suppress the warning.

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I had the same "Unsupported Configuration" warning when using iOS 7 Text Styles (e.g. Body, Footnote, Subhead...) on a UILabel. I fixed it by replacing the minimumFontSize attribute with adjustsFontSizeToFit="NO".

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