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I want to get /ok/ä.txt from /very///bad/%D0%B9/../../../../../request/../ok/%C3%A4.txt in node.js. I discovered the following method:

var url = require('url'), path = require('path');
require('http').createServer(function (request, response) {

    var file = null;
    try {
        file = path.normalize(decodeURI(url.parse(request.url).pathname));
    } catch (e) {

}).listen(3002, '');

Does some better method exist, without the try/catch block?

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I think you can just get rid of the try..catch block, because path.normalize and decodeURI never throw an error and url.parse only throws an error if the parameter is not of type string:

if (typeof url !== 'string') {
    throw new TypeError("Parameter 'url' must be a string, not " + typeof url);

and since request.url is always of type string that won't happen either.

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