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So the problem is that in Xcode (v4.2.1) I have set Icon Already Includes Gloss Effects to YES, but every time I try upload my binary and check the binary details it says Prerendered Icon Flag is FALSE.

I had no problems with previous uploads of this app. The only difference is I changed the icon. So the new icon shows up fine once uploaded, but it has the gloss effect added, which previous versions do not have.

I have tried Cleaning first before build, tried setting Icon Already Includes Gloss Effects to NO, saving, closing xcode, re-opening, and then changing Icon Already Includes Gloss Effects back to YES, but uploaded binary always shows Prerendered Icon Flag is FALSE.

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Ok, so not sure why I was having the problem, but to solve this I had to close Xcode and go find the info.plist file and manually change the Prerendered Icon Flag to TRUE and now it is working agian fine.

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