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I have two user models: Advisor and Investor, they are connected with Relation model via has_many_through relation. Problem is that i want to save relation between logged in Investor user with Advisor user found by email. I have the following code:

advisor = Advisor.where(:email => params[:invite][:email])
if advisor.exists?
@logged_investor.advisors << advisor

this works fine, but i need to save an extra field to Relation table called "status" which will track a status of their relations. How do i do that?

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@logged_investor.relations.create(:status => ..., :advisor => ...)
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The O.P. is a question I run into about every two months and end up solving the clumsy way , i.e. Relation.create!(:investor => ..., :advisor => ..., :status => ...). Once in a great while, I remember the more elegant answer given by @victor. ;) – fearless_fool Apr 13 '12 at 21:23
is there a way to do validation before saving? like new and then valid? – Tamik Soziev Apr 14 '12 at 3:01

You should be able to access the Relation table just like any other relation by


if the modles are setup correctly. Then just find the relations you want and change the status value.

Its easy to check what kind of methods you can call on an object by using the rails console, like any other command line, pushing tab will give you all the available methods and attributes that object has.

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