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I succesfully build Qt 4.8 (without QtWebKit) on CentOS 5.8 (Qt Assistant and the demo's run fine). I also built Qt Creator 2.4.1 against Qt 4.8. I did not observe any errors during the process of building Qt Creator. However, when I attempt to run Qt Creator I receive the following error:

[root@localhost bin]# ./qtcreator Cannot resolve 'dbus_get_version' in your libdbus-1. Aborted

Has anybody encountered this error before? How did you fix it? Unfortunately upgrading to a better OS (such as Ubuntu) is not an option for me.



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QtDBus module loads libdbus-1 library in runtime (via dlopen). That's why you don't have compile/link errors. You can try either to upgrade dbus package (or whatever package contains libdbus-1.so) or use previous version of Qt.

(In Gentoo QtDBus-4.8 depends on dbus-1.2 and QtDBus-4.7.4 depends on dbus-1.0.2).

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