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Is it possible to send directly message from JavaScript in client browser to 0mq?

If not in JavaScript, then I should use Flash or setup some http proxy server?

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0mq is not meant for Internet facing ports. There is a project called nullmq which does what you want though by translating from web protocols to zmq behind the firewall, while retaining zeromq like api on the browser.

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I suspect it would be easiest to have your client browser make an XMLHttpRequest() to your web application and then have your web application talk to your 0MQ infrastructure.

There is a javascript/flash binding for 0MQ, but I've never worked with it myself so I can't comment on stability or anything.

If you tell us more about what you're trying to accomplish we might be able to suggest viable alternatives.

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I'm developing some advert system and I need to log peoples activity. I was thinking if can can use direct 0mq boost. –  Robert Zaremba Apr 13 '12 at 21:40

You can use websockets on the client-side if you want a persistent connection and use a websocket server like tornado or to relay the messages to zmq and back.

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