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i was making a program to display matrices under various transforms, and all of them work except for my rotation matrix. ive tried fiddling with it, but nothing seems to work

y = input("how many degrees do you want to rotate the shape around the origin?:    ")
j = array([(cos(int(y)), -sin(int(y))), (sin(int(y)), cos(int(y)))])
input("enter to exit")
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As the python documentation for cos and sin point out, the arguments should be in radians, not degrees.

You can use the math.radians function to convert degrees to radians.

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thank you that worked –  hereswaldo Apr 13 '12 at 2:09

Your matrix is not correctly defined. Try

rotMatrix = array([[cos(angle), -sin(angle)], 
                   [sin(angle),  cos(angle)]])

If you define a vector, say

vector = array([1, 0])

you can then rotate this vector around origin using matrix multiplication method 'dot':

vector = rotMatrix.dot(vector)

The vector should be rotated around origin by angle degree (angle in radiant, as mentioned before).

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