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Is there a good Valgrind substitute for Windows?

I am looking for a free memory debugger for Windows, suited for debugging C++ applications built with VC, with similiar functionality to Insure++ or Purify.

Any recomendations?

  • GUI is a plus

  • Integration with VS is a bigger plus

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valgrind + cygwin

ANSIMD (Ansi Memory Debugger)

UPS Debugger

GoBug Debugger

Microsoft Debugging Tools

Stack Trace Analysis Tool (STAT)

Mono Migration Analysis

http://www.debuginfo.com/ - Might be some of tools u can find over there

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Ollydbg is also pretty useful.

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Try DUMA, I have used it before, it's cross-platform and the latest release is recent.

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Purify is a memory profiler. You can try DebugDiag provided by windows.It can give you memory dumps and at various points and you can then check for memory leaks.

Windbg is also good.

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