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Odd question but here it goes. I would like to set up multiple arrays of labels for one model and then switch between them. What i need is:

public function attributeLabels_1(){
          'line_1'=>'Authentication Number'
public function attributeLabels_2(){
          'line_1'=>'Receipt Number'

Is this possible and if so how would you change which array is used when?

Many thanks.

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I don't remember if the list returned by attributeLabels() is cached somewhere, if it's not, then this should work:

/** implementation */

private $_currentLabelCollection = null;

public function getCurrentLabelCollection() {
    return $this->_currentLabelCollection;

public function setCurrentLabelCollection($value) {
    if(!$value || array_key_exists($value, $this->_attributeLabelCollections)) {
        $this->_currentLabelCollection = $value;
    } else {
        throw new CException(Yii::t("error", "Model {model} does not have a label collection named {key}.", array(
            '{model}' => get_class($this),
            '{key}' => $value,

private $_attributeLabelCollections = array(
    'collection1' => array(
        'line_1' => 'Authentication Number',
    'collection2' => array(
        'line_1' => 'Receipt Number',

public function attributeLabels() {
    if($this->_currentLabelCollection) {
        return $this->_attributeLabelCollections[$this->_currentLabelCollection];
    } else {
        return reset($this->_attributeLabelCollections);

/** usage */

// use labels from 'collection2'
$model->currentLabelCollection = 'collection2';

// use labels from the first defined collection
$model->currentLabelCollection = null;
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Works perfectly.. Thank you so much for the help –  Tom T Apr 14 '12 at 16:53

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