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I want to generate a new variable in R that creates a sum of the number of times other columns satisfy a criterion and I need a function that can handle NAs, e.g.,

x <- seq(10,20); y <- seq(12,22); y[4] <- NA; z <- seq(14,24); z[c(4,5)] <- NA
data <- cbind(x,y,z)

What I want is a variable, "less16", that sums up the number of times each record/row has values of <16 across columns x,y,z:

x   y   z   less16
10  12  14  3
11  13  15  3
12  14  16  2
13  NA  NA  1
14  16  NA  1

I've tried rowSum(), sum(), which(), for loops using if and else if, all to no avail so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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A lot of these functions actually have a na.rm parameter for excluding NA values:

apply(data,1,function(x) {sum(x < 16,na.rm = TRUE)})
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That worked, thanks! – SMM Apr 13 '12 at 3:31
data$less16 <- rowSums(data < 16,na.rm=TRUE)
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