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I have a couple of distinct jars I want to generate out of a single project. I figure I can make a project.clj file for each one, but I can't name them all project.clj. How do I tell lein to use another project file besides project.clj? Or is there another way to generate jars or start

> lein ring server 

for example, for many different project files in the same directory?


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I would consider restructing your project so that there is a sub-project for each jar. There is a plugin called lein-sub that helps you to do that. For example, here is how ring is structured:


Then in the "parent" project.clj, you can specifiy the sub-projects like so:

(defproject example "0.1.0"

Then you can run lein sub jar to generate jars for all your sub-projects. You can always just go into the sub-project directory and work on it as you would a normal lein project, too.

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lein-sub is entirely the way to go, thank you! –  prismofeverything Apr 13 '12 at 9:25

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