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I'm trying to create a calendar that will allow a user to click on a date and schedule an appointment or view the appointments scheduled for that date. I was able to do this with a PHP calendar I created from scratch but I now need to do it with Codeigniter's calendar library.

Basically what I want is for the calendar to display each date with a unique URL that can pass the day, month, and year to another view. Is there anyone who has extended or modified the Codeigniter calendar to do something like this?

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You can do this with the native calendar class:


$data = array(
               3  => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/03/',
               7  => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/07/',
               13 => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/13/',
               26 => 'http://example.com/news/article/2006/26/'

echo $this->calendar->generate(2006, 6, $data);

Check out the docs for more info: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/libraries/calendar.html

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I saw that but it seems pretty cumbersome for what I want to do. I would need an element in the array for every day, and it looks like the month and/or year must be hard coded in? I ended up doing this and then loading it with the calendar: $template['template'] = '{cal_cell_no_content}<div class="day_num"><a href="/'.$year.'/'.$month.'/{day}">{day}</a></div>{/cal_cell_no_content}'; –  David DeMar Apr 13 '12 at 13:53
makes sense. glad to hear you found a solution. –  phirschybar Apr 13 '12 at 14:32

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