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mongo => 2.0.4
rails => 3.2.2
ruby => 1.8.7

I'm following a tutorial (actually a combination of some tutorials), and I have a relatively simple model and I'm working on a CRUD. Everything I've read says to put this:

class Foo
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :foo
  validates :foo, presence: true

Everything was working at first, but I added the validates line. I get this error:

syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting kEND
   validates :task, presence: true

I have to assume this is due to some older version of ruby. I also tried this:

class Foo
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :foo
  validates :foo, presence => true

...but then I get

Unknown validator: 'FooValidator'

in my browser, but simply Unknown validator: 'Validator' when running guard (using rspec). I'm not sure what the issue is, and Google has been no help. It seems that either of the two blocks that I have should work.

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Change ...:foo, presence to ...:foo, :presence

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