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i am trying to use expect to log into an appliance, fetch the config, and write it to a file (i can't use ssh keys, appliance doesn't support it, and the thing actually has two logins).

the problem is when i use this, the data is truncated (i only get the last ~100 lines of the config file):

match_max 100000
set timeout 150
set output [open "outputfile.txt" "w"]
set config $expect_out(buffer)
puts $output $config
close $output

so now, per a suggestion i read somewhere, i am trying to use expect to loop over the output, one line at a time, but i can't get the data to output like i could without the loop. here is the code that is not working. the config is ~700 lines.

match_max 50000
spawn ssh admin@
expect "password"
send "password1\r"
expect "user"
send "root\r"
expect "password"
send "password2\r"

set outcome {}
set writeout [open "outputfile.txt" "w"]

expect "device"
exp_send "show running\r"
expect {
        -regexp {.*}{
        set outcome "${outcome}$expect_out(0,string)"
puts $writeout $outcome
close $writeout

expect "device"
send "exit\r"
send "yes\r"

any help would be greatly appreciated. let me know if you need any more information.


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The loop you provided is equivalent to waiting for timeout (which is default 10seconds as the script doesn't set it).

How long is show running printing it's output? It may be worth waiting for some pattern that is displayed after the command finishes (I assume it's "device" but may be better to provide more specific terminal condition).

exp_send "show running\n"
expect "show running" ;#don't want the command present in captured output
set timeout 60
expect {
   "device" { set raw_outcome $expect_out(0,string) }
   timeout { error "command didn't finish in 60 sec?' }
#now the raw_outcome contains everything what was displayed up-to the "device"
#including this string, so filter out the terminal condition:
regexp {(.*)device} $raw_outcome match outcome
puts $writeout $outcome
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The root of this error cause is Expect's multithreading: Expect starts communication with remote system in a separate thread and does not synchronize its output with maint thread's output. So, if you try to write something to main thread's sdtout before a dauther thread finished, you likely meet deadlock in Expect.

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