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I ran the git --bare init in a wrong directory(in the server). I see the files branches, config, deps etc., in that directory.. How do I undo it?

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Since you performed a '--bare' init, there is no .git directory - instead the normal contents of the .git directory are directly in the parent directory. For example, the place where you did 'git init --bare' looks something like:

$ git --bare init
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/ebg/test/foo/
$ ls
HEAD        config      hooks/      objects/
branches/   description info/       refs/

to undo this simply perform:

rm -rf HEAD config hooks objects branches description info refs

Of course, be careful if you already had files and directories there with those names.

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s/discription/description/ I can't edit because it's only one letter. –  johnny Apr 13 '12 at 5:18

If you did it on directory which wasn't previously set up as git repository, you can just remove .git folder (assuming you're using linux):

rm -rf .git

Otherwise, if directory already contained repository (.git directory), than git init would have no effect (i.e. git log will show the same commits before and after git init).

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UPDATE: GoZoner's answer (stackoverflow.com/a/10135410/754042) is actually the correct one, my answer is only applicable if git init was run without --bare switch. –  BluesRockAddict Apr 13 '12 at 5:11

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