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I'm looking for possibility to allow any users of certain project of Jira start (trigger) certain Hudson builds. Is it possible without creating own Jira plugin?

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I would have expected this feature to be available with the Marvelution JIRA Hudson Integration, which offers functionality pretty similar to he one offered by the JIRA Bamboo Plugin (e.g. build status reporting) - surprisingly though, triggering builds as you desire seems not to be available in either one yet, despite an obvious feature indeed (the JIRA Bamboo Plugin has related/partial support at least, see Running a Bamboo Build when Releasing a Version).

Consequently you might want to file a feature request for the Marvelution JIRA Hudson Integration first rather than developing your own from scratch immediately, maybe it is going to be considered.

Please note that this plugin doesn't support JIRA 5.0 yet, but the respective version 5.0.0 is scheduled for May 24, 2012.

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