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I have the following html code:

<div class="tests">
    <input name="premise" id="premise" type="radio" class="required" value="0"><span>0</span>
    <input name="premise" type="radio" class="required" value="1"><span>1</span>  
    <input name="premise" type="radio" class="required" value="2"><span>2</span>
    <input name="premise" type="radio" class="required" value="3"><span>3</span>
    <input name="premise" type="radio" class="required" value="4"><span>4</span>
    <input name="premise" type="radio" class="required" value="5"><span>5</span>      

here is the jquery I am using that unfortunately doesn't work: jQuery("#premise").children().addClass('redtext');

I am trying to add the class redtext to the clicked radio box. so if you click on radio with the value=1, then the number 1 that can be found inside the span will be in red

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You're misusing the jQuery children() operator. children() operates on children of an element in the DOM tree, but in this case the span which you're trying to add a class to is a sibling of the <input> tag, not a child. So


should add the class to the closest sibling after the <input> in the DOM tree, which is the <span> you're looking for.

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Well, <span> is not a child of <input> in your code... you can change children with next This should work:

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Lol @ThiefMaster. Important space indeed! – elclanrs Apr 13 '12 at 5:38

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