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Is it possible to implement ribbon interface in windows7 in gtk or qt? .If yes how to do it?

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Yes, some libraries for Ribbon widgets have already been released.

Ribbon widget it GTK#

see this post and this one.

There is also QtitanRibbon, an implementation of Microsoft's Ribbon UI for QT.

Qtitan Ribbon

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I don't have enough rep to vote or comment, but @Daniele Lupo's comment about needing to sign an agreement isn't quite true. There is enough prior art floating around that suggests Microsoft won't be awarded the patent.


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Take care that, on order to use a ribbon, you must accept the Office UI Licensing (see part 3) even if you don't use its libraries but creates your own that re-create the same look&feel, because they have some patent about this interface. If you accept it, you have no problem in its implementation, otherwise I don't know.

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