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How do I customize mainpage (index page) for doxygen documentation? I know that we are supposed to use \mainpage somewhere but I don't know where. Am is supposed to include in every header/source file in my project?

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Doxygen will test .dox files by default. So you can create a file called 'mainpage.dox' and place your mainpage there:

\mainpage The mainpage documentation

This is a simple example of a mainpage you can create yourself.
Place this inside of a file called `mainpage.dox` and use doxygen.
If you specified `INPUT` or `FILE_PATTERNS` in your Doxyfile please
add `.dox` to your file patterns or `mainpage.dox` to your INPUT files.

There should be only one \mainpage per project (see Doxygen: multiple \mainpage blocks in a C++ project).

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