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I need to POST to another server rather frequently in my Rails app, but it takes foreeever. The catch is that I don't need the response. Is there any way to speed things up by sending the request and then dropping the connection without waiting for a response, without getting into delayed job or event machine? If those are the only option, I can deal with it, but it would make life simpler not to have to.

Here's what I have now:

remoteAddress = 'http://remote.server.address/'

params = {
  'a' => a,
  'b' => b }

url = URI.parse(remoteAddress)
Net::HTTP.post_form(url, params)
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If you instantiate a Net::HTTP object before making the call, you can set its read_timeout attribute to a very small number, and then catch the resulting Timeout::Error exception and move on.

Here's an example that uses individual parts of the URL and query-string-formatted POST data:

endpoint =, port)
endpoint.read_timeout = 0.001, params_as_query_string) rescue Timeout::Error
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