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In creating a svg map using raphael js where I have hover states. How ever I am trying to write the country names onto the map. The problem I am facing is the names become their own object and block the country so I loose hover and click when the cursor is directly over the text. Is there a way where I can draw the text and not have it block the map. I've tried set() but with no sucess.


What I have below doesn't have the text() or print() included:

var r = Raphael('map', 1450, 2180);
    arr = new Array();

for (var country in paths) {

    var obj = r.path(paths[country].path);
    countryName = paths[country].name;
    color = paths[country].color;
    scolor = paths[country].stroke;

        'stroke-width': 1,
        'stroke-linejoin': 'round'});

    arr[] = country;

            fill: paths[arr[]].hover
        }, 300);

    }, function(){
            fill: paths[arr[]].color
        }, 300);
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Try setting the pointer-events attribute to none for the text elements.

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