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I'm using JQuery-UI to display radio buttons like here.

I have the following HTML code:

<div id="radioDiv">
    <input type="radio" id="u1-radio" name="radio" value="" checked/>
        <label for="u1-radio">U1</label>
    <input type="radio" id="u2-radio" name="radio" value="" />
        <label for="u2-radio">U2</label>
    <input type="radio" id="g1-radio" name="radio" value="" />
        <label for="g1-radio">G1</label>

and the following JavaScript:


function getUseCase(useCase){
    if( useCase == "u1" ){
        $("#u2-radio").checked = false;
        $("#g1-radio").checked = false;
        $("#u1-radio").checked = true;
    if( useCase == "u2" ){
        $("#u1-radio").checked = false;
        $("#g1-radio").checked = false;
        $("#u2-radio").checked = true;
    if( useCase == "g1" ){
        $("#u1-radio").checked = false;
        $("#u2-radio").checked = false;
        $("#g1-radio").checked = true;

Buttons works fine but the problem is when I refresh the page with F5 key: the checked button remains the last so "radioDiv" is not refreshed with the first button checked.

I do not understand why..a refresh is not supposed to recall $(document).ready(function(){})?

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Are you using firefox? Have a look at this question – Jonas Stensved Apr 13 '12 at 7:40
For test purpose I use Firefox, Chrome and IE, but hank you for your hint anyway! – caneta Apr 13 '12 at 7:53
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to select a radiobutton value, use :

.attr('checked', true); // jQuery < 1.6
.prop('checked', true); // jQuery >= 1.6

instead of

.checked = true;

see my jsFiddle, it works :

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With .prop('checked', true); it works! I had already tried with .attr('checked', true);, but with jquery-1.7.2: I didn't know it was deprecated. Thanks a lot! – caneta Apr 13 '12 at 7:59

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