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I have an application in which user can record audio and play it with some change in pitch. And the output volume power should also be measured. I know about metering properties of avaudioplayer and cocos sound engines. But using these I can't do my needs together. How I can Do these(pitch shifting and level metering) together. Can anybody help me.


  CDSoundEngine *soundEngine = [[CDSoundEngine alloc] init];

 NSArray *defs = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: [NSNumber numberWithInt:1],nil]; 
        [soundEngine defineSourceGroups:defs];
[soundEngine loadBuffer: 0 filePath: soundPath];
   ALuint soundID= [soundEngine playSound: 0 sourceGroupId: 0 pitch: PITCH pan: 0.0f gain: 2.0f loop: NO];

This is the code I am currently using it works fine but I cant measure the output power. In the case of AVAudioPlayer there is a property meteringenabled

[player setMeteringEnabled:YES];

and we can retrieve the power by

  [player updateMeters];
    Float32 peak=[player peakPowerForChannel:0];

But I cant change the pitch by AVAudioPlayer

This is my problem

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Please post relevant code. – 0x7fffffff Apr 13 '12 at 8:49
@MDT I have added relevent codes – Johnykutty Apr 13 '12 at 9:19
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there is a way using a external library: Dirac3 audio library -

A simple tutorial is available here:

But the license costs 1000 eur. There is a free version but you have to read the license agreement to find out whether you can use it in commercial products (if i have read the agreement correctly you can use it as long as you give credits to the author).

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@johnykutty there is no option to change the sound by using avaudio need to go through external libraries for getting pitch changed....

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